7 Point Star Afghan

I opted not to follow the pattern's suggestions on when to change color, I just eyeballed it. Three different shades of green were used in 100% acrylic, 50/50 acrylic/cotton, and 100% cotton. It turned out very plush and cozy. I'm going to have to recreate one for myself! ;-)

This project was made from a free crochet pattern offered by RedHeart and can be found here.

WIP - A better photo of the actual colors used in during the creation of this project taken with natural sunlight. I ended up completely frogging and re-beginning it, though, at about halfway through. I realised I had offset the count by quite a bit between each point (see WIP photo), so if I wanted it to look remotely symmetrical, I had to restart. Gotta love crochet for how quickly it makes up a project even as large as this one at an approximate completed size of 70" in diameter! It's a little larger than pattern estimate, but I wanted it plenty big enough to comfortably cover the recipient if she were lying on the couch, and she's a tall woman. This one only took me a couple days - re-start to finish maybe 12 hours or so.