About This Blog

Two large dogs snoozing on my left
and a cat on my right watching
the yarn's progress.
I'm Joslin, a hand-crafter. I love making handmade items, whether for a specific need, for gifts, for sales, or just for fun! I'm happiest whenever I'm working with my hands and putting my energy into everything I do. I believe necessity begets ingenuity. Most of my ideas come from something somebody needed (often my own or a loved one's need), then it may morph into a more creative pursuit along the way. There's no telling where the creative spark may take you, and I am all for a creative adventure.

Whenever possible, I prefer to work with natural materials, such as wool, cotton, leather, wood, gemstone, gold, silver, essential oils and essences, plant and root fibers, and more. When I craft for gifts or sales, it's going to be made with natural materials as much as possible and will be made to last! I don't believe in this cheap make-junk-to-break-so-people-have-to-buy-again-as-soon-as-possible mass market production stuff that's all over these days. That's just crap-italism! I can appreciate the value of mass market products that are in high demand, like daily bathroom and kitchen supplies, but I think most things of value can and should be made with the intention they won't break and need to be replaced so quickly. 

Beading with genuine, semi-precious gemstones
Typically my handmade items are 70-90% or more natural materials, unless it's a fabric/fiber item which is decided on a per project basis. Often acrylic, polyamide, spandex, polyester, etc. contribute heavily on overall drape and feel as well as offering alternatives for people allergic to natural fibers. Particularly whenever making a special order item for someone, whether for a gift or commission, preferences and allergies are taken into consideration and accommodated.

Up-cycling: reduce and reuse, right? Of course up-cycled crafts often come from what would normally hit the trash so they are often plastics and steel or aluminum cans. For me, such items are typically for a quick home need or used for kid-crafting days. Plastics, in particular, will not hold up to much abuse or for long, especially outdoors, so it's rare that I will work with it. Even heavy duty PVC breaks down at an alarming rate when subjected to outdoor elements, so I would much rather use something like bamboo for a craft that needs a long, hollow cylinder to be used or remaining outdoors. But, I do believe in using what is already on hand so whenever I can, I will - it just depends on the intention and expectation of use for the finished product. If I need to do it again next year, so be it.

Weaving a Beltaine wreath

I also garden, we have lots of wooded land, a fledgling orchard, and several garden plots. My husband and I also rescue dogs and cats, though most show up on their own usually in need of medical attention. Generally, we are happy people enjoying our life together. 

This blog focuses on my creative and crafty pursuits, but if you're interested in what else goes on in my head or our life here at KnightHearth, feel free to visit my blog on Anti-Zombie Living.

Thanks for reading. Happy crafting!
Life is Good - Live It!