Playing with Wire

I've been toying with wire wrapping recently, and...well... let's just say I have lots of practice ahead of me. This single Jasper pendant didn't turn out too bad, even though it took several tries before I got it to look this good. 
Jasper wrapped in copper-plated brass wire

I kinda cheated with the longer connections by wrapping a simple ring on either side of the collections and connecting them with pre-made chain links. Hey, it's practice!

Several collections were put together here for an over-long belly chain. Smoky Quartz drop flanked by Quartz and Aventurine, Amazonite tube flanked by Aventurine and Obsidian, Amethyst teardrop flanked by Tourmalinated Quartz and Obsidian, and Tiger Eye tube flanked by Quartz and Obsidian. All wrappings for this one were made with gold-plated brass and linked together by pre-made recycled aluminum chain links.

Then this one is a double strand necklace made of different collections of stones, also wrapped with gold-plated brass wire and linked by pre-made recycled aluminum chain links. Infinity Stone, Amethyst, Quartz, Aquamarine, Celestite, and Moonstone were thrown together so no two collections are the same.