Elegant Ewe All Shawl

This is one of Doris Chan's great crochet patterns, "All Shawl", and it's available for free on Ravelry here.

This version of the All Shawl is called Elegant Ewe and, for once, I didn't make any adjustments to the original pattern!
I love the simplicity of this pattern that really shows off the variegated yarn I used from RedHeart's 100% acrylic "Unforgettable" line. I edged it with a simple navy blue Canan Baby Soft to better see the details in the edge stitch. I also love the fact that Doris' shawls are made with the idea in mind that they need to be able to stay put on the shoulders without any sort of clasps, pins, buttons or ties. This is definitely an easy pattern I recommend and will repeat myself.

FYI, I'm not very likely to choose Unforgettable yarns again after this project. First off I had to consciously slow down on how fast I normally crochet because the yarn kept slipping off the hook (I tried several different hooks too). Then, anytime I needed to frog some stitches, it hung up on itself horribly, causing tears in the fibers, and then hung up on itself again whenever it got a chance to twist up and do so. At least it didn't want to unravel easily as so many loosely wound S-types are wont to do. This line has some truly gorgeous colorways, but it was simply a pain in the butt for me to work with. Use at your discretion.